5 Things to Know About Click2Science 2.0

We're relaunching our website with new and improved resources, as well as a new web design and user-experience. The new website will provide easier access to our resources and help new and existing users better understand who we are, what we do, and the resources we have to offer. We are confident you'll find the new website easier to navigate. However, we understand that change can be difficult. That's why we've compiled five things you should know about the new website and our resources.

1. Start at the Homepage

Our homepage is receiving a face-lift and will provide more information about Click2Science and our resources. After the relaunch, the homepage will be the best place for users to start exploring the new site.

2. Visit the New Role-Specific Pages

New role-specific pages will be accessible via the homepage. These pages are intended to help users find the resources designed for them based on their role in out-of-school time, such as a frontline staff, volunteer, trainer, coach, or program leader. While some of our resources are intended for specific audiences, registered users can still access all of our resources regardless of their role in OST.

3. Professional Development Resources are Now Called Staff Development Guides

Our professional development resources, also sometimes referred to as guides or PDF's, will now be called Staff Development Guides. These will still be available as downloadable PDF's, but we've added a preview page to allow users to explore the agenda and learning objectives before downloading the guide. This preview page offers quick access to the corresponding Video-Based Learning Module and other resources that may need downloaded separately or in addition to the Staff Development Guide. 

4. Better Kid Care Lessons are Now Called Self-Directed Web Lessons

Our Better Kid Care lessons will be referred to as Self-Directed Web Lessons. Full descriptions of each lesson will be available on our website along with step-by-step instructions for accessing the lessons on Penn State Extension Better Kid Care.

5. Visit Our Framework to Access Our Skills and Strategies

If you read Kerri's blog post last week, you'll know that our 20 Skills that Make STEM Click have changed a tad. After the Click2Science 2.0 relaunch, you'll notice that our top-level navigation doesn't include our skills. Do not worry. You will still be able to access our skills and their resources by visiting our Framework page after the relaunch.

If you get lost or confused after the launch, don't forget to check out our FAQ's. We'll be adding a section specific to the relaunch and redesign. For more information about the relaunch, register for and join our webinar on September 20th and stay tuned to our blog for additional details. Any questions or concerns may be directed to Click2SciencePD@unl.edu.