Celebrate STEM in Your OST Program

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Regular physical activity is good for everyone's health, and people of all ages and body types can be physically active. Children and adolescents can improve their muscular fitness, bone health, and heart for life by being active. National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is a great time to focus on the benefits of getting active. Check out the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's We Can! resources for kids and families to promote an active life. Use our How OST Programs Improve Health & Nutrition webinar to train staff and help them know how OST programs can help improve children's health and learn more about afterschool HEPA standards. Share your activities on social media with #GetActive.

Plan Ahead

National Week of Making in June

The National Week of Making is coming up on June 21-27, 2019. This year, we are celebrating the innovation, ingenuity, and creativity of makers. This is a great opportunity to connect youth in your program with makers who are developing new solutions and fostering creativity in your community. Start planning now to celebrate a Week of Making in your summer program. Learn how you can get involved.

In 2017, Click2Science hosted a webinar series focused on fostering a making experience that helps youth learn and see themselves as problem-solvers. Check out these webinars and discover ideas for training staff and making activities you can implement right away!

National Summer Learning Week in July

Across the Country, programs will celebrate and advocate for summer learning during National Summer Learning Week, July 8-13. But you can start celebrating now! This year the celebration will focus on Literacy, STEM, Arts, College & Career Readiness, and Nutrition and Wellness. Find resources for each theme and for the #SmarterSummerChallenge. Use #SummerLearningWeek to be part of the national event. Check out our Summer Learning Memories article for more inspiration!