Get Ready - Click2Science Version 2.0 is Coming! first went live in January of 2015. Since then, we’ve added numerous staff development guides, videos, blogs, and webinar recordings. We’ve also been busy evaluating the effectiveness, usability, and function of Click2Science's website, professional development resources, skills, and overall professional development model.


Click2Science's professional development model recommends an ongoing cycle of professional development. To evaluate the Click2Science professional development model, we completed a triangulated research study with promising findings.

Twelve frontline staff were observed using the Dimensions of Success (DoS) observation tool before receiving any STEM professional development. Then, site leaders delivered professional development to staff using our professional development model at their sites (including, but not limited to these 12 staff members). The 12 staff were observed after completing the professional development cycle and, on average, their DoS scores increased or stayed the same on all 12 dimensions! The full evaluation report is available for download on the Research and Evaluation page

Click2Science 2.0

In the evaluation report, staff and site leaders shared positive insights about their experiences with Click2Science, along with recommendations for improving the website and professional development resources. As a result, we used their suggestions to launch Click2Science 2.0! Feedback from afterschool professionals and experts in the out-of-school time (OST) field informed our decisions to redesign the website and to tweak the Click2Science skills, staff development guides, and video-based learning modules. Below is a brief breakdown of what’s changed.


The most noticeable thing is the website's new look and feel. Based on focus group and user feedback, we made it easier to look for the staff development guide that meets your specific needs and access our skills framework and professional development model. Our web development team created entry pages to guide different audiences to the resources that are designed specifically for them. All audiences can still access all of the materials and registered users can still download guides and activities. Check out our blog on the web redesign for more details.


Click2Science's video-based learning modules were designed to be used as part of a facilitated professional development experience, not a stand-alone resource. Skill videos feature real-practice facilitation to encourage staff to discuss successes and opportunities present in the video and to build a culture of reflection. The skill videos are intended to be conversation starters, not examples of perfect practice. In order to encourage proper use of the skill videos, we moved them so that they're accessible primarily through the staff development guides and will be used as part of a guided professional development experience. While some skill videos are still viewable in the featured video section, we recommend searching our YouTube channel if you are looking for a specific video.


Another significant change are the titles and number of skills. After we reviewed the purpose and objectives of each skill and discussed them with OST STEM experts, we settled upon 16 skills that are essential to high-quality STEM facilitation. The focus on fewer skills will help trainers/coaches focus their professional development efforts and help staff hone in on the practices that support that skill. We developed a new skills framework webpage to describe the overall strategies that each individual skill supports, as well as the purpose and objectives of each skill. Check out our blog on the new skills framework for more information. 

Staff Development Guides

You’ve probably noticed that we mentioned staff development guides several times. This is the new title for our training, meeting, and coaching guides. For Click2Science 2.0, we undertook a massive review of our resources and adapted, edited, and revised the training, meeting, and coaching guides to improve their quality and usability. We also gave the downloadable PDF's a new look and feel, and decreased the amount of color and paper needed to print each guide in an effort to decrease the amount of resources our users consume.

Don't worry, though — our staff development guides still include the same great content and hands-on learning experiences! There are still guides for every skill and they still feature the video-based learning modules you've grown to love. For more information, check out our blog on how we optimized our staff development guides.


If you have questions about any of the changes currently underway, please contact us at We hope that you continue to share your feedback and ideas with us to continue our cycle of continuous improvement!