It takes ingenuity and perseverance to do great things

Ingenuity is testing powered flight on another world for the very first time. It hitched a ride to Mars on the Perseverance rover back in February. Now it is time for Ingenuity to fly on its own, and a great time to incorporate STEM and lessons on Grit.

You can use Scratch to create your own video game to explore Mars with a helicopter-like Ingenuity. You can watch a NASA YouTube video guide on the game here, with Spanish subtitles if needed.

You can watch the video and build a paper helicopter to learn about the challenges of designing a helicopter to fly on Mars. Watch a NASA video guide here, with Spanish subtitles if needed, on how to build the helicopter. Recommended supplies are paper, scissors, a pencil, measuring tape and if you want, you can use add about 10 ft of soft ribbon to your helicopter.

Don’t forget to talk about Grit as you do these activities. It is critical that things sometimes go wrong. We need to let learners fail and help them understand that failing is okay. Create an atmosphere where kids can try something new, sometimes fail, think about what happened, and try again. Perseverance develops through this process of trying, failing, and trying again in a safe and comfortable environment.