Make S'More Solar Energy

What activity says “summer” more than roasting some s’mores? Discover how to add a STEM twist to the traditional summer snack by helping youth design their own solar-powered oven.

With NASA's Solar Oven Activity, youth can use a cardboard box, foil and plastic wrap to make a foil “oven” that can be used to heat up s’mores or other snack foods. This website provides step-by-step tutorial, but we recommend having youth try to design their own models. Learning is always more powerful when youth can figure it out for themselves! For older youth, consider allowing parabolic-shaped ovens or using a thermometer to measure temperature. You can also talk about the amount of energy that’s being saved by using the sun as a natural source of energy without the particulates or carbon produced by a campfire. Get cooking with a project adults and youth can enjoy together.

Note: If you have vegetarians in your family, don’t despair! Even vegans can have a s’more with dark chocolate and vegan marshmallows