Making Your Space Exciting

The little things make a big difference while setting up for STEM learning. Here are some things to think about as you get ready for your next STEM lesson. Here are three situations you can consider when thinking about your space.

How will you promote gorup work?

The goal here is for youth to be able to easily see you and see each other. This works best if youth are seated with their shoulders oriented to you and their bodies or chairs oriented to another youth. the rul of thumb is to not seat anyone with their back to you but to be sure that most of their time, engergy, and focus is spend coordinating work with each other.

Does it make you wonder?

Are you showing a demo? Keeping something hidden under a sheet? Elements of wonder, mystery, or curiosity are helpful to getting youth actively engaged in learning the second they step into your space.

How will you pass out materials?

Try to be purposeful as you pass out the materials that youth will use in their investigation. Think of it like planning a dinner party – should materials be laid out in a buffet (to emphasize choice) or in a prepared, portioned way (such as in a paper sack or box for support)? Which will help youth get to the activity faster? Which will help youth be safe?