New Staff Development Guides

We've been hard at work the last six months to bring you what Click2SciencePD does best: high-quality, targeted professional development guides that you can use in your setting. This week I'd like to give you a mini-tour of these guides.

With the Click2Science 2.0 relaunch you'll notice that we now refer to these guides as Staff Development Guides. You'll also notice that there is a new way to browse the available guides. You can now search based on the strategy or skill your focusing on, the professional development situation your planning, and the length of time you have available. This search feature should help you find the Staff Development Guides that best fit your needs. Additionally, each guide now has a preview page to allow you to view the agenda, learning objectives, and video-based learning module for that specific guide before downloading the PDF file. 

When you download a guide, the first thing you will notice is its color. Orange guides are for training situations. These are longer sessions of professional learning, and they contain an inquiry activity. They're also designed for larger groups of 8-60 participants. Meetings (red) and coaching (blue) sessions are shorter, designed for smaller groups and shorter timeframes. Meetings can even be dropped into existing staff or program meetings as your schedule allows. For more information about the types of guide we offer and how to use them, please visit our About Staff Development Guide page.

We have also modified the guides to include a short objective, an agenda with specific activities, a list of the materials you'll need, and comprehensive instructions for during and after the session.

Why did we rewrite our guides? Over our four-year project, we needed to give the guides a facelift, bring consistency to the formatting, update the STEM focus to include the Next Generation Science Standards or Common Core State Standards, freshen up the activities, and pare down the overall number of guides. We had over 220 documents on the site; users were finding them overwhelming!

Most of the names to the guides have remained the same through this editing process, but if you can't find a favorite staff development guide, contact us at

We hope you like what you find and that you'll get in touch with us if you have questions. Enjoy and happy learning!