Resources to Inspire Youth to Look to the Sky

"The Space race helped to create a fascination with science and lead to great advances in technology, including the first large-scale integrated circuits which are the basis of all modern computers" (Hawking).

Space exploration has led to incredible advances on Earth. Satellites in Space grant us the ability to watch TV and make phone calls, but more importantly, they allow us to monitor Earth. They can detect pollution, shrinking ice, and ocean movement which allows us to make changes to maintain a healthy planet. It is no doubt, exploring Space is a fundamental part of life on Earth.

Even with the importance of Space on Earth, youth are less interested in Space than before. One part of the issue is the belief that these topics are boring or too difficult. However, this can change by introducing kids to Space at an early age. Younger kids are curious and by providing opportunities for them to learn about Space we can nurture their curiosity and develop confidence. Providing them with knowledge and fun activities about Space will allow them to see Space as a fascinating topic and have the knowledge needed to not feel intimidated.

It is our responsibility to encourage children to “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe. Be curious” (Hawking).

Check out the following resources for activities to engage youth with Space.

Additionally, check out this video where the late Stephen Hawking discusses the importance of Space exploration and why the new generation needs to be engaged with Space.