Where Can I Learn New STEM Ideas? on Twitter!

The amount of information on the internet for OST providers can be overwhelming. It Twitter a tool to help you curtail all that endless searching, once and for all? Here are some of the advantages of using Twitter as a professional resource.

Never used Twitter before? It took me a little while to learn how, too. Here's a 15-minute Youtube video that can help you get started on your computer.

People use it to share great ideas, really, really quickly.

If you love out-of-school STEM learning like we do, you'll probably enjoy engaging in dynamin conversations that are part of Twitter every day. Most tweets are a short sentence with a link to an article, image, idea, or video that can.

It breaks down boundaries.

Researchers follow educators, educators follow policymakers, granting agencies follow standard-issuing agencies... these are people who usually wouldn't get to communicate, yet they're all on Twitter for you to follow, connect with, and engage with. See my of must-follow handles below.

It is free marketing.

Unlike Facebook, who sends out your posts only to a select number of people, Twitter sends out your posts to the entire internet. (Too global for you? You can change your settings so only your "friends" see it.) This means you can engage in almost any conversation going on in the public sphere. You can engage your lawmakers, other educators, parents, and stakeholders, all for free!

Who should I follow?

Here are my must-follows for out-of-school STEM learning to get you started: