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Working with Youth Who Don't Look Like You

July 23, 2018

By some measures, there are more youth of color in the U.S. than white students, yet the afterschool and K-12 workforce remains largely white, middle-class, and female. It's more important now than ever to think about ways to make sure you are including all of your youth.

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4 Ways to Include English Learners in STEM

July 12, 2018

Almost every afterschool setting should be prepared to support students and families whose first language is not English. Although there are many factors to consider when working with English-language learners, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to help you prepare yourself and your program to welcome and include ELL's. 

Designing a Dynamic Summer Program

Designing a Dynamic Summer Program

July 10, 2018

Designing and facilitating a dynamic, enriching, hands-on, active project-based summer program. The key to dynamic, enriching, hands-on and fun summer programming is to facilitate in-depth activities covering multiple curricular areas building upon each other over the course of the summer. While allowing student ownership which creates energy and buy-in on their part.

Summer Learning Memories

Summer Learning Memories

July 3, 2018

“Summer experiences and out-of-school time should be embraced as opportunities to not only help put children on more equal footing when they return to the classroom but to empower youth so that they return with improved self-esteem and have more positive experiences within the school community,” reports Georgia Hall, Ph.D., director and senior research scientist of the

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Confessions of a Summer Camper

June 19, 2018

Preparing for the June Webinar, What Can We Learn from Summer Camp?, make me reflect a lot on my own experiences as a camper and staff member at summer camps. In the webinar, I summarized research findings in this way:

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Are Academic Camps Fun?

June 12, 2018

Growing up I participated in various academic summer camps and I can say they are some of my favorite memories. At first, like many young people, I was very hesitant to attend an academic camp. I remember thinking to myself "I want to have a fun summer" or "I don't want to do school work during the summer". However, many of my teachers encouraged me and ensured me that it would be nothing like school.

kids dressed up as zombies

Designing a Memorable Summer Science Camp: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

June 5, 2018

It was the end of the week and all the youth put on a showcase of accomplishments for their families. Some stumbled across the stage dressed in perfect undead makeup and costumes as zombies. Others demonstrated their pop can fishing poles they designed to survive and forage for food.

STEM Events June 2018 and ways to celebrate

STEM Celebrations in June

May 31, 2018

June is Camping Month, and it's a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors! Research shows that people who spend time camping are happier, more relaxed, and tend to buy more bug repellant. Need ideas for celebrating Camping Month indoors? Check out these 31 Easy and Fun Camping Theme Ideas and Activities from Teach Junkie.