As you watch the skill video below, think about these questions:

What is the staff member doing? Why would that be important in creating a safe space? (Pause at 0:40)

What do the youth say here? How does the facilitator respond? In what way does that promote a positive climate? (Listen at 1:03)

What happens here that creates a warm, comfortable, safe atmosphere for the youth? (Watch at 1:35)

What does the facilitator do here that encourages students individuality and supports different perspectives? (Listen at 1:52)

What are other strategies you could use in your program to create a safe, positive climate? Which of the strategies shown in the video could you use?


Watch the skill video


Creating a Safe Space

This is a video of a real afterschool program. These videos serve as discussion starters around a particular skill and are not examples of perfect practice.

Now that you've watched the video, reflect on what you saw and post your responses.

What is the role of youth in this video?  What is the role of the facilitator?  
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Students should be respectful, safe, responsible and having fun with the activities. Students need to use materiual appropriately and listen to directions. As far as the facilitator they are asking students what the agreements before starting an activity. Facilitators create a CHAMPS poster to go over. They also make sure that the area in which the students are in are safe.
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The role of the youth in the video is to follow the agreement policy present during the activity. The role of the facilitator is to help create a safe place before the activity. By setting up and going over an agreement. Also, depending on which environment the activity is in going over how the youth can be safe in that area. All in all, making sure their is a safe fun and caring environment for the youth. 
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The role of the youth is to come up with agreements that fall under the 4 main categories. After they have creating their collective agreements it is their role to follow those agreements. The role the facilitator plays is merely to remind the youth of their own agreements.
What role does the space and materials they are using play?

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The space and matirials impact the environment and different saftey procautions need to be taken
How did the facilitator create a safe space in this video?
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They made sure students were aware of the agreements before starting any activity. The facilitator also reflected it back on the students and made them aware of what materials they can use and how to use them. Useing an appropriate space area either inside a classroom or outside we need to make sure students are safe. 
What would you do differently?
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I would probable be conscious of my surroundings and making sure that the activity matches the space in which the students are to be in. I will make a poster using : Be respectful, be safe , be responsible and have fun chart!  Within each rule i will be doing bullet point and asking students what do they beleive goes in each catergory. Its a good way to reflect that on them.