About Staff Development Guides

Click2Science Staff Development Guides are designed for trainers and coaches to use when providing professional development to frontline staff and volunteers. These downloadable step-by-step professional development guides include agendas, social and experiential learning activities, video-based learning modules, supporting documents, and handouts. Not associated with a particular program or curriculum, guides focus on the skills staff need to create high-quality STEM learning experiences with youth.


Click2Science Staff Development Guides range from 15-120 minutes in length and are useful in a variety of professional development situations.

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Large Groups
50-120 minutes

Large group training sessions are hands-on, interactive professional development experiences. Trainings engage staff with new ideas through experiences, discussions, and interactions. Each training focuses on a single skill for facilitating STEM learning. Well trained staff can deliver high-quality OST programming that has a positive impact on youth. The skills and competencies that staff need to deliver high-quality programming can be developed through the interactions and discussions of a well-planned professional development program.

Tips for Using Training Guides

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Small Group
15-35 minutes

Small group meeting sessions are brief professional development experiences intended to introduce or reinforce STEM skills for staff. They can be part of a regularly scheduled staff meeting or conducted virtually. Meeting sessions focus on a single skill and are designed to be part of ongoing professional development experiences and combined with training and coaching sessions to create a blended learning experience that makes a meaningful impact on staff.

Tips for Using Meeting Guides

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15-60 minutes

One-on-one coaching session are designed to help frontline staff and volunteers improve individual skills, thereby impacting their practice and overall quality of the program. Staff coaching involves ongoing teaching, reinforcement of newly learned skills, and adaption of skills and knowledge of the field to fit personal style. Staff coaching includes activities for both individuals and small groups, such as the on-the-job observation, instruction, modeling, feedback, debriefing, and emotional support. Coaches may be other frontline staff members, administrators, outside consultants, or staff supervisors. Coaching sessions can be conducted virtually, as well.

Tips for Using Coaching Guides


Professional Development Model

Staff Development Guides are designed to be combined and used together as part of a larger professional development plan. The Click2Science Professional Development Model is an example of how staff development guides, web lessons, and practice can be combined for achieving high-quality professional development.

Professional Development Model