• Strategy: Supporting Youth Development Through STEM
  • Skill: Giving Youth Control

Giving Youth Control

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Recognize youth, adult, and program indicators that show youth are in control of their STEM learning.
  • Discover ways to support youth as they learn and practice self-determination, goal setting and decision-making as it relates to learning experiences.
  • Learn ways to encourage exploration and creativity in all youth as they engage in STEM activities and learning opportunities, supporting a positive STEM identity.

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When youth have control of their learning they are more engaged, learn skills such as self-determination, goal setting and decision-making, and are more likely to enjoy learning. This module features interactive experiences and resources to help facilitators learn skills to give youth control of their learning experience and to focus on interests and developmental levels of youth. This is one of 20 STEM facilitation skills that help STEM click for school-age children and youth.

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