• Strategy: Developing STEM Practices & Mindset
  • Skill: Giving Youth Control
  • Date: February 21, 2022

How Out-of-School Time Programs Help Youth Excel

Learn how implementing an experiential learning model in STEM experiences that focus on social and emotional learning (SEL) helps youth excel. Research has demonstrated that sustained and well-integrated SEL engages youth and improves their achievement. You will leave this webinar with activities you can use to engage youth in SEL through STEM experiences, and resources from Click2SciencePD to train staff and volunteers to develop these two competencies: facilitating inclusive learning experiences and encouraging collaboration.


SEL Competencies

NGSS Poster

Linking Schools and Afterschool

Kernals of Practice for SEL

Integrating SEL and STEM Presentation Slides

Integrated SEL and STEM Presentation Slide Notes

Give Youth a Role Staff Development Guide

Examples in Action Staff Development Guide

Encouraging Youth Choice Staff Development Guide

Confronting My Own Biases Staff Development Guide

Inclusive Investigations Staff Development Guide

Seeing Youths’ Strengths Staff Development Guide

Strategies for Making All Youth Feel Included Staff Development Guide

Group Collaboration Staff Development Guide

Helping Youth Work Together Staff Development Guide

Teaming UP for Success Staff Development Guide