Research & Evaluation

Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics (MAP Academy)

Multiple-Case Study of Click2Science Early Adopters

This report documents the main themes that emerged from interviews with individuals involved in out-of-school time (OST) educational activities across four states. Ten interviews were conducted using either phone or video-conferencing technology (e.g., Skype). Participants were included if they were an early adopter/participant with Click2Science. Individuals identified themselves broadly as network or site-level representatives and professional development coach/trainers. The report provides a summary of the context of each location and common themes found in participants’ experiences with Click2Science across the four states. Participants provided information on the OST context in their particular location and their use of Click2Science resources.

General feedback from the early adopters highlighted the flexibility, utility, and applicability of Click2Science materials for their OST programs.

Comprehensive Triangulated Evaluation

Researchers from the MAP Academy completed a comprehensive triangulated evaluation of Click2Science, which included interviews with site leaders and frontline staff, pre/post observations of frontline staff using the Dimensions of Success (DoS) observation tool, and youth survey data. Four YMCA locations participated in five hours of training activities using Click2Science and Better Kid Care materials. View the Triangulation Report complete results from this evaluation, or check out our one-page infographic for an evaluation overview.