Creating STEM Learning Environments

Staff and volunteers will arrange their environment to maximize youth engagement and support physical and emotional safety during STEM activities.

As a result of ongoing, consistent professional development efforts, staff and volunteers will be able to:

  • Create stimulating and attractive STEM learning environments that generate interest and encourage participation with a sense of creative autonomy
  • Continually engage youth in their environment by going outside as much as possible
  • Stimulate wonder by creating places that are safe, appropriate and feel different from school


A Challenge in Space

Participants will design a model learning environment in order to create physically safe and productive STEM learning spaces.

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Creating Learning Environments That are Out of This World

Participants will compare in-school and out-of-school time learning environments in order to design engaging OST spaces.

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Looking for STEM in all the Right Places

Participants will plan four off-site learning opportunities to learn to prepare and plan safe STEM learning opportunities and environments.

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Space: The Final Frontier

Participants will critique drawn models of their learning spaces in order to creatively use the physical space in their program.

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We’re Going to the Zoo

Participants will plan a safe and engaging STEM field trip in order to creatively use physical space.

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Working through Issues in Space

Participants go on a STEM Learning Environments walk-through to learn to get youth actively engaged in STEM learning.

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Setting Up for Computer Science Success

Participants will discuss ways to set up a space to be more effective for computer science activities.

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Elephant Toothpaste

Explore the catalytic action created by the combining of yeast, hydrogen
peroxide and dishwashing liquid by making elephant toothpaste.

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Four Back to School Tips to Share with Families

Starting the school year is a change for the whole family. Learn about some tips to share with the families in your summer programs to help them prepare for these changes.

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