Managing Groups During STEM

Staff and volunteers will manage behavior of youth during STEM activities.

As a result of ongoing, consistent professional development efforts, staff and volunteers will be able to:

  • Manipulate the activity structure, environment and interactions in order to contribute to youth learning.
  • Recognize and highlight positive youth behavior.
  • Design compelling STEM learning activities to motivate student participation.


Applying Strategies for Group Management in STEM

Participants will plan an activity with Tangrams to learn to manage groups during STEM.

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Group Management Action Plan

Participants will watch Building Relationships for STEM Video-Based Learning Module to learn how to support positive youth interactions.

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Participants will play “What If?” to learn to support youth through positive group management.

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Is It Managing or Controlling?

Participants will compare management versus control in order to positively manage groups for learning.

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Organization that Supports Group Management

Participants will engage with water droplet races to learn to manage groups during STEM.

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Strategies for Group Management

Participants will identify and try out strategies for positive group management in STEM.

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Transforming Staff into Leaders in Out-of-School Time

Transformational leaders inspire their followers through relationships and are characterized by positivity, a focus on developing their followers, and transparent communication. Learn about the 4 recommendations that help transform followers into leaders.

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Building Leaders in Out-of-School Time

We create space for listening, for curiosity, for solutions to grow from the conversation. The function of a good leader is not to single-handedly tackle everything, but to produce more leaders, not more followers.

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Finding the Best Trainer for Your Program

We examine here four different models so you can implement the one that best fits your program.

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Want to learn more about creating STEM learning environments?

Arranging the environment to maximize youth engagement and support physical and emotional safety is important for STEM learning.

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