Modeling Engineering Practices

Frontline staff and volunteers will facilitate STEM learning experiences for youth to engage in engineering practices, including defining the problem, designing a solution, testing, responding to failure, and optimization.


Soda Straw Rockets

Build an air powered rocket and test how different factors affect the flight of your soda straw rocket.

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Making, Tinkering & Engineering: What’s the Difference?

Making, tinkering, and engineering activities are all excellent ways to engage children and youth in afterschool and summer programs. A search of all three terms provides a myriad of activities that range from simple to complex, and that use materials from the standard kitchen or desktop items to computers and 3D printers. The kind of activities you choose will depend on your goals.

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Testing & Retesting – Developing Engineering Practices

The engineering process involves trial and error. Learn how to help staff develop the skills they need to support youth in using engineering practices. This webinar focuses on helping youth evaluate what did or did not work with their design and how they can solve problems as they redesign.

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Preparing for the 2019 4-H NYSD Challenge

Computer Science (CS) can be a game-changer for young people when they learn to be creators, not just consumers of technology. Game Changers, designed by Google and West Virginia Extension service, uses physical activity and puzzles to teach kids important CS concepts.

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Modeling the Engineering Design Process

Learn to engage learners in science and engineering, understand what scientists and engineers do, and learn how scientific knowledge is developed. You’ll find easy to use strategies to prepare yourself to engage youth in STEM learning. You’ll also receive great activities to try out in your out-of-school time program.

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Making and Learning – Bringing It All Together

Learn strategies to encourage and demonstrate learning in making and tinkering activities. It will help you develop strategies for bringing play and learning together and prepare you to have a lot of fun this summer!

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Introducing Click2ComputerScience

Click2ComputerScience is a new way to think about teaching computer science. At, you can watch videos, participate in hands-on activities, and then practice the skill with youth. This webinar focuses on creative ways to introduce computer science with or without computers.

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What Makes Computer Science Unique?

The 4-H experiential learning model helps young people understand that computer science is much more than just what happens on a computer. This approach develops leadership and life skills and prepares young people to be the innovators and problem-solvers of our future.

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Engage with Engineering

Click2Science shares resources for great engineering activities, brainstormed a To-Do List to prepare for engineering and shared strategies to support youth engaging in engineering.

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