Modeling Science Practices

Frontline staff and volunteers will facilitate opportunities for youth to apply science practices including investigating questions, using data, and developing explanations.


Using the Crosscutting Concepts – Patterns

Looking for, identifying, and using patterns is a vital concept in science and engineering

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Getting the Most Out of NGSS: Using the Crosscutting Concepts

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Crosscutting Concepts provide us with a great way to help youth bridge science learning across various contexts.

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Digging Deeper

Participants will expand an upcoming lesson to learn to engage youth in conceptual STEM learning.

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Developing and Expanding Youth Explanations

Participants will learn how to support youth to engage in science practices through an Exploring Soil Ecology activity.

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Expanding Explanations

Participants will watch the Preparing to Present Findings Professionally Video-Based Learning Module and create SMART Goals to support youth in science practices.

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Explore the Concept

Participants will reflect on two styles of instruction in order to emphasize conceptual development.

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Finding Out Together

Participants will reflect on the Encouraging Youth to Communicate Ideas Video-Based Learning Module to learn to engage youth with explanations of local science.

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Participants will conduct the Wonderwise Nutty Investigation to learn how to support youth to engage in science practices.

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Prompting Questions

Participants will identify prompting questions to learn how to support youth in explaining scientific thinking.

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