Making Authentic Assessments

Frontline staff and volunteers will be able to evaluate what is learned by youth before, during, and after STEM activities.


Activities to Guide Authentic Assessment

Participants will engage in peer review in order to devise strategies for getting youth involved in peer assessment.

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Building for the Big One

Frontline staff and volunteers will be able to evaluate the content youth learn before, during, and after STEM activities.

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Creating STEM Rubrics

Afterschool staff and volunteers will develop an understanding of rubrics and how to creat them with youth.

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Do They Get It?

Afterschool staff and volunteers will be able to use formative assessment as a tool to communicate expectations before, during, and after student learning.

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Technology for Assessment

Participants will evaluate technology that can be used for assessment purposes within lessons.

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Assessing Youth using Graphic Organizers

Participants will watch the Assessing Youth Using Sticky Notes video-based learning module and identify ways to use a stick note chart during STEM activities.

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Seeking and Supporting Student Ideas

Learn new strategies for actively seeking and supporting students’ ideas and points of view in STEM learning. We will consider the differences between assessing understanding during an activity and assessment at the end of an activity and plan creative strategies that make assessment fun and useful.

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Technology For Assessment

Lemond describes using technology and the app Kahoot! to informally assess youth during STEM learning experiences.

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Knowing When STEM Learning Runs Deep

Learn how to use formative and summative assessment strategies to engage youth in learning. The focus is on assessing learning in out-of-school time programs in ways that are authentic for learners and useful for us as facilitators. We will share actual strategies you can take from this webinar and put to use in your program.

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