Enabling Active STEM Learning

Frontline staff and volunteers will be able to facilitate active STEM learning experiences.


Developing an Active STEM Learning Environment

Participants will compare Glurch and Oobleck to learn how to engage youth in active learning.

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Connecting with Nature in a Concrete Jungle

Out-of-school time educators who work in urban settings may feel like they have few to no options for connecting youth to nature. It is the educator’s job to notice nature and to provide opportunities for children to observe and be curious about it. Likewise, it is the provider’s role to introduce nature to a setting when it is absent.

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Designing a Memorable Summer Science Camp: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Summer science camp create an immersive, memorable, informative, and fun science camp for elementary age students!

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Explore Your Habitat

Be active, go outdoors and explore a local wetlands environment and learn about plants, animals, and other living things in the wetlands.

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Get Outdoors!

Give children the outdoor time they deserve by offering exciting outdoor STEM activities. In order to excite youth about STEM learning, learn a few ideas to turn outdoor time into an adventure!

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Building A Grape Smasher

Work in a team to design a machine from simple supplies that can smash a grape.

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Learning About Space: NASA and Beyond!

Learn to enable active STEM learning in your program. Active learning engages youth in critical thinking and problem-solving. It builds their skills to be college and career ready – and supports them in developing a positive STEM identity. We will focus on active learning about a far-away topic – space – with resources from NASA and beyond

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Get Minds Moving – Move it Outdoors

“The one who does the work, does the learning.” During this webinar, we explore what active STEM learning is and what it looks like. We talk about the numerous reasons to take active learning outdoors, including health, social emotional, and cognitive benefits.

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Break It Down

The facilitator works to enable active learning as youth work in small groups and use the strategies of computational thinking to design and describe their own unique monsters.

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