SEL prepares youth for the future

Helping young people develop social and emotional competencies prepares them for success in school, in their daily life and in their future. The resources in this tool kit will help train your staff to incorporate social and emotional learning in STEM activities.

The SEL toolkit includes strategies out-of-school programs can implement right away to building staff confidence and competence in social and emotional learning (SEL).

Developing Your Own Purposeful Questions

Participants will watch the Using Questions for Many Purposes Video-Based Learning Module and design a water filter to learn how to use questions and talk moves to deepen youths’ science thinking.

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Group Collaboration

Participants will watch the Group Collaboration Learning Module and create SMART goals to learn how to help youth collaborate.

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Teaming Up for Success

Participants will watch the Modeling Effective Collaboration Video-Based Learning Module and conduct the Okefenokee Engineering Challenge in order to understand how engineers collaborate.

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Water Filter

Practice using the engineering design process to design, build and test a water filter.

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