• Strategy: Supporting Youth Development Through STEM
  • Skill: Making Connections to STEM Careers
  • Date: March 1, 2022

Making Connections to STEAM Careers

Making Connections to STEAM Careers

At an early age, I discovered a talent for drawing and painting. I recall my Kindergarten classmates telling me, “You should be an artist when you grow up.” Over many years, that talent grew into a passion. However, as I got older I had a difficult time seeing potential careers within my passion for the arts and creativity. I ended up pursuing a career in graphic design. While I did not initially consider this a STEAM career, I have now spent a considerable amount of my professional career designing websites. I combine creativity and problem-solving with the engineering design process, computer science, mathematics, human behavior research, analytics, and much more.

In fact, there are many careers just like this where individuals creatively explore and solve problems using science, technology, and engineering. These types of careers provide the perfect connection for youth who are passionate about the arts, but who have a difficult time seeing the potential within their passion, or who do not see a connection between their passion and STEM.

STEAM Careers


Architects are professionally trained designers who rely on math, engineering, technology, science, and environmental awareness. They combine creative design with technical knowledge, pulling knowledge from almost every discipline.

Web Designer/Developer

Web designers and developers use code and technology to design user-friendly websites and online environments. Often these individuals utilize an engineering design process to develop and design websites that fit the need of a particular audience.

Video Game Designer/Developer

Video game designers combine creativity with technology to create entertaining or educational digital games. Some designers and developers may even create wearable technologies as part of virtual reality games. Designers/Developers usually work as part of a team to come up with concepts, characters, settings, stories, and strategies. Learn more about video game development careers.

Digital Animator

Similar to video game designers, animators use computer software and programs to produce images that appear to come to life on screen. However, their work is found in feature films, commercials, pop videos, computer games, websites, and other media.

Sound/Audio Engineer

Sound engineers set up, maintain, operate, and repair audio recording and broadcast equipment, as well as blend sounds to produce desired effects. It is a highly technical job that requires computer and electronic skills. Audio engineers may keep a radio station operating smoothly or add the finishing touches on an artist’s performance.

Medical Illustrator

Medical illustrators are professional artists with specialized training and advanced education in medicine, science, art, design, visual technology, medical techniques, and theories related to communication and learning. They create visual representations they convey medical or biological information.

3D Printing Engineer

3D printing engineers combine 3D printing technology with creative problem-solving. These engineers may design 3D printed objects, such as organs for transplants to food. Learn more about 3D printing careers.

Textile Scientist

Textile scientists combine physical and social sciences, as related to the study of textiles, clothing, and design. This career brings together the study of basic sciences and technologies and the perspective of history as well as the fine art of design to create new technologies and innovative products that can improve the comfort, safety, and convenience of consumers.

Did you know that a biochemical engineer at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln created fabric using corn husks?



Creative Arts Therapist

Creative arts therapists aim to help patients overcome their emotional and mental difficulties by engaging with and expressing themselves through the artistic process. This career combines artistic expression and creative processes with the science and practices of mental health therapy, including psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychology, counseling, social work, family therapy, or psychiatric nursing. Learn more about art therapy careers.