Reflecting & Processing Experiences
  • Strategy: Developing STEM Practices & Mindset
  • Skill: Reflecting & Processing Experiences

Minds-On Learning – Reflecting and Processing in STEM

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Assess the amount of professional reflection currently used, and the amount of reflection built into the participants’ OST (out-of-school time) STEM programming.
  • Experiment with sensory signals and brain activity through a STEM reflections activity.
  • Develop strategies and questions for use in future STEM experiences that encourage youth to reflect on what they have learned, allowing them to develop a personal understanding of STEM concepts.
  • Explain the importance of providing for and guiding discussions to help youth make sense of what is happening during STEM activities.

Get Started

Out-of-school time staff build programs with engaging activities for youth. However, they may miss an important element in the STEM inquiry experience: the process of reflecting on STEM activities to make a more meaningful learning experience. This module contains examples of facilitators’ language and several STEM experiences to try. This is one of 20 STEM facilitation skills that, when woven together, create a rich learning environment allowing STEM to click for children.

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